Ger is a Mongolian word for yurt. In Mongolian, the word ger also means home.

Does happiness depend on how many rooms or how much you have?

When I say I grew up in a ger some people think poverty. Well, I never starved of love.


My parents still live in this ger in rural Mongolia.

Here are some fun facts of growing up in a ger:

  • You never feel alone.
  • You are always in the same house wherever you move house.
  • There is no bed time different from adults.
  • You can see the stars through the window on top.
  • Everyone eats together facing each other because of the round shape.
  • In the summer, you can ‘see through’ the wall once the felt covers lifted up.
  • You can pretend you are asleep and eavesdrop adults’ conversation.
  • You can never be sent to your room.
  • You can grill marshmallows any day you want in the stove.

2 thoughts on “Ger

  1. Sheila A. Grant

    That was some trek you had. I could have leant you sticks – they do help! looking forward to reading your book – I hope you have a copy for me or do I need to wait for the launch?

    1. Uuganaa

      It was a fab trek, Sheila. Next time, I’ll borrow your sticks then. Thank you.

      Ooh, we will see regarding the book. Since you write book reviews … hmmm Let’s speak at the club. Thank you for visiting the site. See you soon.


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